Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Tori V Review by Jeff Lynn

Here at Guitar God Radio, we root for the underdog, the unsung, the unsigned, the little guy, or in this case, little girl.  They are our future.
This is Jeff Lynn, and I love the classic rock and roll that awakens the soul, the loud stuff that shakes the foundations and endures the test of time.  Any time we stumble onto someone new that we think could carry the torch, we freak out.  We love to find and promote those new voices, and that’s why I’m typing this now.
My colleague sent me a few MP3’s of a new small-town artist from Northeastern Pennsylvania.  Her name is Tori V., and this girl definitely has the goods!  It’s catchy, melodic hard rock with an original flair.  Tori’s voice?  To me, she sounds like someone put Halestorm and Melissa Etheridge in a blender, then channeled it through Geddy Lee.  That might sound kinda weird, but I mean it as a compliment.  The guitars are spot on, and the vocal harmonies are as good as any I’ve heard in the genre.  The passion and excitement for the music are obvious here.  
Standouts include “Change Is Gonna Come”, an upbeat rocker that promises that “this is only the beginning”, a lovely, soaring piano ballad called “Tell Me”, and a heavier number called “The Fall” that features some fretwork that inspires some serious air guitar!  So if you combine great vocal work with stellar musicianship, thoughtful, upbeat lyrics, a real passion for the music, you get Tori V., a welcome addition to any rock aficionado's music files.  To quote Oliver Twist, “Please sir, I want some more!”  Check out Tori V Music below.

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