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Thursday, August 08, 2019



By Jeff Lynn:

‘The Witch is back!’ So says lead singer Jeff Pittinger, and I’m damn glad. To be perfectly honest, the first listen of the new White Witch CD didn’t exactly ‘blow my skirt up’, but with each listen my appreciation grew. After three full listens, I decided to leave it in my CD player awhile, because I love it!

Many adjectives come to mind—loud, proud, heavy, quirky, hilarious, and several others, with crisp production and Top-notch musicianship. Guitarist Doug Lehman shreds throughout, especially on “Slaughter In Salem”. Jimmy Lovcik and Jack Death on bass and Carl Berry on drums provide the thunderous backbone, while vocalist Jeff Pittenger gives White Witch its voice. I hear elements of Judas Priest, Megadeth, King Diamond, and Ozzy Osbourne, as they run through eight tracks with enthusiasm. Their passion is obvious from the first note.

“Serenata” begins the festivities, a short, elegant instrumental that nicely contrasts the heavy rock that’s coming, with the quirky jam ”Psycho Sister”. ‘The Witch is coming’, exclaims Pittenger as they flow into the inspiring original track “Change Is Coming”. Every song on this CD is really good. “Slaughter In Salem” jams. “The Seed” is kind of autobiographical, a true rocker that’s been around for decades, and “The Gate” closes out the set with another short instrumental that nicely contrasts the meat of the CD. I left my two favorite cuts for last. “Running With Scissors” is a seriously rocking original that I keep coming back to, and “Log Splitter” is an absolute scream, my favorite track. Heavy and hilarious, it features loads of distortion, a growling chorus, and a sinister laugh that sounds a lot like Vincent Price! The Witch is back!

It’s SO COOL to get new stuff from this veteran group of dedicated rockers, and I encourage everyone who appreciates quality rock-n-roll guitar to pick up a copy of the new CD. It’s quality stuff! Get yours at Robert M. Sides in Williamsport, Sonic Ascension Records in Montoursville, or online at CDBaby Click Here

White Witch Changes Coming

White Witch Log Splitter

Wanna catch ‘em live? 9/28/19 @ The Gamble Farm Inn, Jersey Shore, Pennsylvania