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Monday, March 25, 2019

WATCH: AC/CD's First vocalist, It wasn't Bon Scott

The Very Start Of AC/DC Wasn’t With Bon Scott
Although many AC/DC fans regard Bon Scott as the better vocalist of the band, did you know he actually wasn’t the first? It was actually a guy by the name of Dave Evans who came before. But even he wasn’t the only one as even the band’s early manager Dennis Laughlin would occasionally replace him on stage.

What Happened To Dave Evans?
In 1974, Melbourne promoter Michael Browning took over as manager after Laughlin quit and felt that Evans wasn’t the right fit for the band, after booking them to play at his club, the Hard Rock. The band eventually agreed that Evans wasn’t quite suitable as the frontman and at the recommendation of Vince Lovegrove, Bon Scott came in to replace him. And this is when the band really started to take off.